Your startup plan is precious

to do the good

Christian StarTUp Network

spread GOD’s love – no matter who

“Colossians 3:23” Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men

Your startup plan is precious
to do the good

Christian StartUp Network

spread GOD’s love – no matter who

“Colossians 3:23” Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men

The next event

CSN Leader Meeting – Starting on

Wednesday, 30th Jan 2019 – 07.30h

Coffee Meetup – Blessed start(up) into your day

We are the Christian Startup Network (CSN) – initiated in late 2017, with regular smaller/bigger events in 2018 – now we want to “experiment” with a more or less regular monthly coffee hour morning meeting. We will have croissants and coffee to get refreshed, plus time for prayer and exchange among each other. Each other? Yes, we look for like minded entrepreneurs/interested/future entrepreneurs who live and work in the broader area of Zurich. Please register via meetup or by email ( Event is for free – if you like, a donation box will be available for covering costs of CSN events. Look out for signs to find our meeting room in the Einstein Trakt of Technopark (G44)

CSN Leader Evening - coming soon








The Team

Holger is a member at IPC Zurich and works as an startup entrepreneuer at the ETH Spin Off greenTEG AG. Before this, he worked for McKinsey and holds a PhD from ETH Zurich as well as a business degree from Catholic University Eichstätt-Ingolstadt. linkedin Holger Hendrichs

Amadeus is a member of the Church of Christ in Zurich. Since February 2015 he runs his consulting company Ammuda Consulting GmbH. Previously spending a year in the Zambian bush, studying Theology and volunteering for Good Hope Zambia. Before that he worked for Detecon Schweiz AG. He holds an MBA from the European School of Business and a sociology degree from the Catholic University Eichstätt-Ingolstadt. linkedin Amadeus Müller-Daubermann

Daniel Bosshard joined the CSN team to support the network with his expertise in all IT related tasks and for communication. Besides of his banking background, Daniel holds a federal Junior Marketing Manager degree from Swiss Marketing and is passionate about Webtechnologies and the buildung of Websites. He is also a Member of the Church of Christ in Zurich. Daniel Bosshard

Our  main event in 2018

Our ambition:

Developing CHRISTIAN STARTUP NETWORK (CSN) to a platform which enables Christian believers of all ages to get their sleeves up and start their own business which in the ultimate purpose also honors God and serves people in their day to day needs.

We started on the

16th of March 2018

We organized a startup weekend in Zurich where 30 Christians met to develop new startup ideas founded on our above stated common believe.

Spread the WORD 

to the World

Startup activity is rapidly increasing across a wide variety of sectors.
Besides building successful businesses, startups often see it as their
responsibility to promote the common good and advocate for
important causes, such as social and environmental issues.
Many of these concerns have a strong link to Christianity and the
However, there seems to be a lack of openly admitting Christian founders. Christian Startup Network (CSN) focuses on creating businesses that are in line with Jesus’ teachings.


16th – 18th March 2018



WHERE: CITY OF ZURICH (Technopark Zürich & IPC Zurich)

Download the Program

last update on March 15th 2018

Download the FAQ’s

last update on Feb. 20th 2018

The CSN Jury

Holger Hendrichs

Holger Hendrichs

VP Sales and Marketing greenTEG

Co-organizer of CSN and working at greenTEG (greenTEG is an ETH Spin Off)
Susan Hong

Susan Hong

Senior Captive Manager

Susan is working for Zurich Insurance Company as a Senior Captive Manager
Jon Venverloh

Jon Venverloh

Director of Operations

Jon is Director of Operations, Google Shopping Product Management at Google.
Sam Gyorfi

Sam Gyorfi

Youth Pastor at IPC Zurich

Sam is the Youth Pastor at IPC Zurich.


great ideas (at least)

or more participants


creativity & engagement

What kind of ideas ?

We categorized the expected ideas on which entrepreneurs will work during the weekend in 4 broad areas:

1. Existing businesses

but not in a Christian way run

e.g. as they are supporting child labour “Christianize” an existing business (a morally flawed business)

2. A christian charity

which is not “living” up to its full potential as it is “only” a charity and cannot attract enough resources such as talents, capital, etc. Is there room for a new startup?

3. Total new Business

never been there

you build it from the scratch based on Christian principles


4. Within each “church” organization

many “worldly” services (i.e. Facebook) are used/consumed, you want to create a Christian focussed competitor (similar things have happened in the past e.g. for banking, insurances, hotels)

Partners & Sponsors

our main Sponsors

They already spread

the NEWS

CSN in the media



The Concept

In just 44 hours, you will experience the highs, lows, fun, and rewarding moments that make up life at a startup. As you learn how to create a startup, you’ll meet the fellow Christian mentors, (maybe) investors, (sure potential) cofounders, and Christian sponsors who are ready to help you get started. The CSN community is here to help you — apply today and look forward to glorify Jesus in March 2018 during our first startup weekend event!

Videos & Pictures:

Soon to come

The Facts

there are many other Christian Business “Organizatons & Events”, such as:

Forum Christlicher FührungskräfteZürich International Prayer GroupVBG

But there is almost nothing focussing on Startups

we see here a blindspot to serve JESUS!

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